What can 1800 HOSE VAN do for your business?

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What Can 1800 Hose Van Do for Your Business?


With full nationwide coverage, our teams know how important it is to keep your machines running efficiently and safely. We provide emergency hydraulic hose repairs and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our fully mobile fleet of professionally trained technicians. Licensed and equipped to service the hydraulic and industrial hose requirements of your industry, our technicians are capable of replacing hoses and work to promote stabilised  better performing machinery. 

No matter the industry from mining and forestry to agriculture and transport, 1800 HOSE VAN continues to put your business in the hands of people who know how to get the job done. From emergency repairs to initial Installations of Gates products, 1800 HOSE VAN can service any of your hydraulic hose system needs. With many decades of experience in manufacture and assembly, our experts can partner with your business to install new hydraulic systems or make modifications to existing machinery. We are able to supply you with fittings, tubing assemblies and fully customised hoses.

Why Choose 1800 HOSE VAN?

Rapid response

Being mobile means we are just a phone call away. When you need mobile hydraulic hose servicing hydraulic fittings looked at, we can get one of our mobile repair vans to you as quickly as possible. With full national coverage, 1800 HOSE VAN provides 24/7 emergency and our fleet is equipped to service hydraulic and industrial hose requirements across many different industries.

Skilled professionals

Our technicians are highly skilled and have the know how to get your job done correctly the first time. When you need hydraulic hose repairs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and beyond, the teams we deploy to you will be working to install and repair many different parts including:

  • MegaSys constant pressure hoses
  • MegaCrimp hydraulic fittings
  • GlobalSpiral hydraulic fittings
  • Full-Torque Nut Technology
  • Full range of hydraulic adapters
  • Quick-connect couplings and accessories
  • Hydraulic ball valves
  • Stainless steel covered PTFE hose
  • High pressure thermoplastic hose 

Quality and reliability

When we arrive to fix your problem, you can rest assured that the hydraulic products we use to repair your machinery are the best of the best. 1800 HOSE VAN is proud to partner with Gates, as their hydraulic and industrial hose and fittings are acknowledged globally as the industry’s leading products for innovation and performance. Gates provide us with the only products of their kind that come with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship. Using their products gives our customers major advantages for the end user and industrial operator by offering the highest quality parts. 

We are here to keep your fleet moving. When you have a problem, call 1800 HOSE VAN. We will be there to assist you with any emergency hydraulic hose repair no matter what city you’re in. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear all the latest news or find out more about becoming a franchisee

If you would like to learn why some of the biggest names in Australian industry choose us, get in contact via enquiry@1800HOSEVAN.com.au

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