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Industries That 1800 HOSE VAN Can Service


1800 HOSE VAN has solidified its position in the industry since its inception and partnership with the Gates Company in Denver, Colorado. We’ve since become vanguards in the agricultural, transport, automotive and energy sectors for our innovative technology, which has culminated into the creation of the hose van. This concept has become an integral staple across industries the world over.

If you’re curious about owning a franchise with us, here’s all the information you need to know.

What are hydraulic hoses?

Hydraulic hoses are designed to provide hydraulic fluid under very high pressures to hydraulic powered equipment and machinery in order for them to function effectively and safely. Hoses of this type are designed with customisable valves, actuators and tools that will ensure seamless operation of equipment from a variety of industries. Hoses like the ones supplied by 1800 HOSE VAN can help maintain reliable and continued operation with less downtime for equipment that needs to function over long periods of time in a variety of locations, whether they be local or rural.

What can hydraulic hoses be used for?

With this in mind, there are a variety of industries that require hydraulic hoses in order to enhance their operations. Some include but are not limited to the following:

Construction Industry and Demolition

Hydraulic hoses are commonly used to power many types of machinery used in both the construction industry and in demolition. Cranes require hydraulic support and service, which can be greatly benefitted by the services of a hose van, especially on large scale commercial projects that operate well into the night.

Such support will also be invaluable to the powering of demolition equipment such as crimping machines and diggers. The installation of hydraulic hoses for such equipment should always be undertaken by a professional and can prove to be an excellent option for time-sensitive projects.

Engineering & Mining

Mining engineering (and many other engineering industries) often require the use of large scale machinery in order to extract and process mineral resources for use. Such equipment includes drills, pumps, transportation equipment, and more.


Furthermore, due to the nature of the mining industry, rigs will often be set up in isolated locations that are far from townships. This is where mobile hydraulic hose vans can prove to be an excellent option for companies operating in remote areas that need the extra support.


The farming industry also has a need for hydraulic equipment, which includes machinery such as tractors, combines, irrigation systems, and tillage equipment. Once again, due to the remote nature of farms, hydraulic hoses can be advantageous during large scale processes that are time sensitive in order to harvest annual yields as expediently and efficiently as possible.

Additional lesser-known industries

Other additional industries that benefit from the use of hydraulics include shipping, aviation and even entertainment (in regard to theme parks and innovative filming technology). In short, any industry that uses hydraulic-supported equipment and needs servicing from our hose van technology would greatly benefit.

In order to accommodate the wide range of industries, ensuring that each machine is partnered with the proper matched hose and fittings is crucial. 1800 HOSE VAN ensures just that, through customised solutions to suit your unique needs. 

Become a franchisee today

Interested in providing hydraulic hose support to your industry? Get in touch with 1800 HOSE VAN and enquire about our franchise opportunities. By partnering with our reputable firm, 1800 HOSE VAN’s mobile service opportunities will ensure you have all the support you need to provide the best in hydraulic support to businesses in need as well as provide you with the independence of running your own company.

For more details, get in touch with the team at 1800 467 382 and contact us today.
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